Too Late?

Too Late? Book Cover

Too Late?

Hi, I’m Brian – a gay guy constantly on the verge of suicide. My parents are homophobes, my ex is a dog, and my dog is a traitorous little fuck, so it’s safe to say I hate my life.

But as one of my many failed suicide attempts leads to my very own fifteen minutes of fame, see if I can turn it all around before it’s Too Late…

P.S. If you don’t buy this book then you are actively contributing to homophobia. Well done, Karen!

25% of royalties will be donated to Switchboard, an LGBTQ+ charity.

Pre-order the eBook now! Paperback edition will be available on the date of release.

Releasing on the 13th July 2024.

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This is a short peice of fiction that hooked me straight away.

This book was so enjoyable, I loved reading every second of it. It was so up my street and it really got my sense of humour, which is very hard for me to find in books.

It's such a great idea for a story, and told in the first-person, which I really liked.